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Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide range of past experience across organisations large and small in many different sectors. Whatever industry you’re in, whatever size you are, we can tailor our advice and assistance to fit. Our focus is always on your success.

A selection of our collective experience

Matt is intelligent, incisive, and knowledgeable in a very large number of areas, from those most typically associated with the CTO role, to commercial, legal and strategic areas. This combination makes him an incredibly powerful operator and an asset to any team. In addition, Matt is a great sparring partner, is a highly creative and pragmatic problem solver and has some great instincts on the cultural side of building and running a team. James Oakes James Oakes Founder and MD, Geonomics
James is a truly excellent technologist. He's got deep experience, very good instincts and gets loads done. He's very easy to work with: extremely helpful and the person you go to if you have a thorny/urgent problem. I've worked with James in two companies and wouldn't hesitate to work with him again. I highly recommend him. Duncan Towers Senior VP Engineering at Audio Analytic
Helen is a leader who knows how to get the very best out of everyone who works for her. She takes time to understand people's issues and aspirations. She helps bring in processes that not only ease tensions, they also make it fun to go to work. Helen's greatest strength is her ability to get a group of people with sometimes very different viewpoints to work well together. I would recommend Helen to anyone needing a transformational leader. Belle Chance UI/UX Designer, Geonomics
Matt worked with me at AVADO Learning as an interim CTO over a difficult transitionary few months and got properly stuck in, in the way you hope a permanent member of the team would. He brought fresh ideas, a willingness to speak his mind (but also listen) and a desire to get things done. Mark O'Donoghue Chief Operating Officer at AVADO

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