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James Maidment

James has over 15 years’ experience leading successful development teams in demanding environments. He has worked across a variety of industries – from mobile, through travel and online gaming in companies – at scales ranging from start-ups through to FTSE 100 members. His work with onshore and offshore teams has often focused on integrating outsourced development & QA resource into in-house delivery pipelines – and crucially on doing this in ways that enable businesses to rely the quality and timeliness of products sourced through these “hybrid” channels.

Over the course of his career, James has acted as a technical director, consultant, development manager, head of technical operations, software developer, agile stream lead and software architect. These roles have enabled him to build a broad understanding not only of technical needs across both development and operations, but also of wider business needs and priorities and how technology can be directed to facilitate overall company success.

In 2015, James co-founded Rituala, a company focused on delivering projects through high quality management of near-shoring. Rituala delivered Betfair’s first major B2B product as well as their first client integration. Under James’ guidance this was delivered on-time and within budget, despite tight cost, functionality and timescale requirements. James achieved this while simultaneously delivering projects for other clients within the gaming sector.

Prior to founding Rituala, James was recruited by an early stage start-up called Geonomics. Hired as Software Architect, he was responsible for the developing a green-field online lottery gaming platform that provided 24×7 operation and daily hot releases while complying with both PCI and UK Gambling Commission standards (including a large subset of ISO 27001). James was also instrumental in the company developing and offering the platform as a packaged gaming solution for partners. Within Geonomics, James led requirements for, and company buy-in to, best practice quality management, automation and tooling standards and processes. This “quality first” approach resulted in zero production deployment rollbacks over the entire six year product lifespan.

Before Geonomics James spent nearly four years at Betfair running the development side of the Partner Development group. In this role he managed a team of senior development consultants who facilitated delivery of multiple successful outsourced projects. The team built a reputation as one of the key delivery channels within the business.

James now works as a consultant and interim CTO across multiple industries. He provides targeted services such as strategic IT direction reviews and technical organization transformation, as well as longer term roles, such as hands-on interim CTO leadership and advisory oversight and guidance positions.

James holds a BA (Hons) in Computer Science from Warwick University. When he’s not working, he’s often to be found in the great outdoors, doing anything from hiking, climbing, cycling or running.

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