Giving advice is easy, implementing it is hard

The Learning Machine: get agile with control

“Agile” is one of those horribly overused words in the IT industry that means different things to different people.
Successful “agile” means having enough process (and no more) to enable the release of meaningful, incremental product changes – then measure what difference those changes make and feed that back into deciding what to do next – a “Learning Machine”.

When is a Tech problem not a Tech problem?

The answer is “a lot of the time”. Because Development are often seen as the end of the line for product development, they are also often seen as the cause of late or unstable delivery. But the true answer often lies in looking up-stream to the start of the process…

Where Is The Glue?

When CEOs build their teams, they seek out talent with widespread experience in a particular functional area, be it Sales, Marketing, Product, Tech, HR, Operations. This produces an organisation with pockets of talent and skill. But what makes an organisation highly effective isn’t just functional skills but also the way those functions work together…

Irresistible Job Advertising

Once you’ve done a great job spec that’s going to help attract strong candidates to your vacancy, the next step is to sit back and wait for the CVs to come in, right? Probably not…

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