Giving advice is easy, implementing it is hard

Long Distance Relationships

The key to getting offshoring right is to understand it as a relationship and not a transaction. Like all relationships, especially long-distance ones, it only works if both sides are putting in the effort to make it work…

Design Out Support Costs From The Start

As you grow your revenue and customer base, it’s natural to also grow your organisation. And often what happens is that later on you need to trim costs and you start an efficiencies programme. But how often do companies plan for efficiencies right from the start?

When is a Tech problem not a Tech problem?

The answer is “a lot of the time”. Because Development are often seen as the end of the line for product development, they are also often seen as the cause of late or unstable delivery. But the true answer often lies in looking up-stream to the start of the process…

Where Is The Glue?

When CEOs build their teams, they seek out talent with widespread experience in a particular functional area, be it Sales, Marketing, Product, Tech, HR, Operations. This produces an organisation with pockets of talent and skill. But what makes an organisation highly effective isn’t just functional skills but also the way those functions work together…

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