Giving advice is easy, implementing it is hard

Long Distance Relationships

The key to getting offshoring right is to understand it as a relationship and not a transaction. Like all relationships, especially long-distance ones, it only works if both sides are putting in the effort to make it work…

It’s Not A Magic Wand

We often get asked questions along the lines of “Do you know a contractor who’s an expert in X and can come and sort it out for us?”…

Helping Recruiters Help You

You’ve written a great job spec and found a good recruiter, so you’re done, right? No. Even the best recruiter can only help you if you’re putting the effort in from your end.

Achieving Consensus

People in teams, from the senior leadership team down to tech and product teams, often believe that they are aligned around a particular direction, and certainly usually aspire to be aligned. But actually achieving consensus is hard. Here are some tips for getting there…

Design Out Support Costs From The Start

As you grow your revenue and customer base, it’s natural to also grow your organisation. And often what happens is that later on you need to trim costs and you start an efficiencies programme. But how often do companies plan for efficiencies right from the start?

Tech Teams Need To Become Sales People

Being in Tech can be very frustrating. They know of all sorts of improvements that need to be made to the product. They know there are projects that need to be done to meet future customer growth. They are keenly aware that there are security and technical compliance flaws in the products and systems. And yet no one will listen to them…

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