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Got a project that's run into trouble? A team that's struggling? Processes that aren't quite working? Technology that's unreliable? Important deadlines being missed?

We can help assess where you are, diagnose the root causes of problems, and guide you through concrete actions to get you back on track. We won’t spout theory at you. We’ll roll up our sleeves and work with you and your team to make turnaround happen and get you (back) on track.

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Business priorities changed? New opportunities appeared? Need a rapid change in direction?

With many years’ experience in start-ups, we’ve been through a fair few pivots first-hand. “Business as usual” suddenly isn’t. A new direction for the business and its products often requires a change in approach for product and tech teams. We’ll help you and your teams re-engineer their approach – figuring out what to keep, what to change and, importantly, how to make that change happen quickly and effectively – so your business can take off on its new growth path.

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Growing pains? Bottlenecks? Need to scale teams, technology, processes? Bigger opportunities bringing new types of requirement?

We’ve got experience in companies large and small – from seed-funded start-ups to household name corporations. We’ve worked in and with companies going through periods of rapid expansion. The way your technology and product teams work, the tools they use and the processes they follow – it all needs to adapt as you grow. We can help you keep the best of your innovative start-up culture whilst introducing the changes you need to survive

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Larger organisation with a major change transformation programme? Need to make that change happen on the ground across multiple teams? Need change that sticks and becomes part of the culture?

We’ve worked with substantial organisations going through important change programmes. We’ve helped find practical ways to implement new ways of working whilst keeping stakeholders at all levels of the organisation on board. We can help you keep momentum going and ensure the programme follows through into results on the ground that you can see.

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